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Personalised car number plates - where to buy

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Buying a personalised car number plate should be easier

When it comes to buying a personalised number plate, where do you start? There are just so many websites, magazines, and newspapers. And then, of course, there are auction sites, and online classified ads too. There are so many places, and you really need to do some digging around to find the right car number plate for the right price! One other thing you'll notice... the same personalised number plates in a number of different places. Especially on the internet. And they're all at different prices. Many people are left bewildered, and unsure (and a little confused!) about where to buy a personalised car number plate.

So....where can i buy a car number plate?

There are a lots of places to look. How do you know where to buy personalised car number plate, and where will you get the the best deal?

Here's our guide to where to buy a personalised car number plate:
  1. First place to start..... a number plate price comparison site.This will save you a lot of time looking at separate number plate company websites. You'll find all the main number plate dealers in one place, and can compare number plate prices quickly and easily.
  2. Number plate online advertisers Websites (like are specialist number plate sites that have personalised number plates advertised directly by owners and other smaller dealers.
  3. Number plate dealers.There are lots of number plate companies selling personalised number plates - and many of them have websites. Most of the car number plates advertised by these companies are sold "on commission". That means they are selling on behalf of the owner. When buying from a number plate dealer, bear in mind you are paying a premium to cover the dealer's commission.
  4. General classifed ads online You'll find many general classified ads sites on the internet. Sometimes you'll find personalised car number plates for sale. There are many of these types of sites (freeads and gumtree, to name just a couple). It's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, but you could get lucky.
  5. Magazines & Newspapers Many car magazines have a cherished number plates section. And we've all seen the Sunday newspapers with long lists of personal number plates. Many of the big dealers advertise here. But you can find the occasional private advertisement too.
  6. Online auction sites Online auction sites often have many personalised number plates for sale, usually advertised by private sellers. It is possible to find a gem on these sites. Searching on the site can be cumbersome, and you'll have to keep re-visiting the sites. Be sure to look carefully at the actual registration number for sale. Some of the images shown by advertisers suggest manipulation of the letters to create the required result - this is illegal. See our guide to legal number plates.

Our tip on buying a personalised car number plate...

Depending on where you buy your personalised number plate, it may be worth taking some additional precautions. If buying a personal number plate direct from the owner, you may wish to consider using an independent personalised number plate transfer service to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And finally....

This is our guide to the main places where you can buy a personalised number plate. The information is for your guidance, and is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list. There are other locations where you may find and buy private registration plates.
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