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Cheap personalised number plates

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What are the cheapest personalised number plates on the market?

Find cheap personalised registration plates. Compare number plate prices from private sellers, traders, and dealers. Keep track of what you've found: save your favourite number plates in your own personal wish list. 

If your budget is small (which pretty much applies to most of us!) you'll want to make the most of it. Here are our tips on the cheapest number plates:

Cheap Irish number plates

These are the cheapest number plates money can buy. Some can be bought for as little as £100 (excluding DVLA fees). In this price range, they're not really personalised. The letters don't really have much UBZ or XIB. But they are a great cheap way of hiding the age of a car...whether it's 12 years old, or just 12 months. 

For a bit more money (from around £500), you can even buy a cheap personalised number plate that represents a name, like KAZ or LIL. Or some other words like OIL or BIG. 

Because they don't have a year identifier, and there are lots of these number plates for sale, they really are a cheap way to get a personalised registration plate or just hide the age of your car. 

Cheap Prefix number plates

Prefix number plates have a year identifier at the beginning. Names can be very expensive, but you can buy a cheap personalised registration plate by choosing your initials instead. You can get these from as little as £250.

Cheap dateless number plates

Dateless (or ageless) number plates are the most expensive of all. But, it is still possible to buy a cheap dateless number some cases from as little as £500. The cheapest plates will be those letters that have no real meaning, like EBV or OJB, with 3 or more digits. Again, these are not likely to be personalised registration plates (unless you have obscure initials). Cheap number plates of this type are generally for hiding the age of a car.


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