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Cheap registration numbers

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How to find cheap car registration number plates

In reality, it's not really about finding a cheap registration number plate. What's cheap for one person is not for another. It's about getting a car registration number at the cheapest price available, and within your budget. Whatever the size of your budget, we know you want the most for your money. The key is to get the the car registration number plate you want at the best possible price.

Follow our guide to finding the cheapest registration numbers.

Think about what registration numbers you like

There are literally 10,000's of car registration number plates to choose from. So the first thing you need to think about is what appeals to you. The first option is, of course, your name. Either your first name, or your surname. Or maybe your initials? There are lots more possibilities too. Take a look at our personalised number plate ideas.

How long do you want to keep your car registration number plate

Are you looking for something that's "right now", or do you want to keep it for many years? A car-related number plate is great, if you plan for selling it when you change the model of your car. Your name, job, or hobby - these number plates are easy to transfer when you change your car.

What are the cheapest car registration numbers are available?

Common first names and surnames are sought after, so you'll need deep pockets if you're after one of these. A 3-letter shortened version of your name will bring the price down. Looking on lots of websites will give you a good idea of what's available, and the prices you can expect to pay. Don't forget to take into account the number plate style when comparing number plate prices.

Cheap car registration numbers on a tight budget

It is possible to buy a registration number plate for as little as £100 (plus DVLA fees). Take a look at our guide to cheap personalised number plates for what's available for the smallest of budgets.

Buy clever

When you look around you'll find car registration number plate prices vary a lot. You'll even find the same registration number at different prices in different places. Buying from a dealer can add a premium because there's a commission fee built into the price. Some number plates are subject to vat too, which also adds to the price. Buying direct from the owner often gives you the best price.

Make an offer

Cheap car registration numbers plates are difficult to find. When you've found one you're interested in, make a sensible offer. If possible, have 2 or 3 registration numbers in mind. Your offer may not be accepted, so it's good to have a couple of others to fall back on. Our tip: don't make too low an offer, unless you can justify it. Or you may not be taken seriously.

Don't be tempted to distort the registration number

You'll often see cheap car registration numbers advertised, where the seller is suggesting you change the spacing, add a screw or some black tape here and there. Or even distort some of the letters. Before you know it, it's next to impossible to figure out the original registration number. All of this is illegal, and you risk being stopped by the police. You could get a hefty fine, too.
Take a look at our guide to what's legal on a number plate.

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