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Irish number plates

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What are Irish number plates?

These are registration numbers issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland.

They can, however, be transferred to vehicles on mainland UK.

Irish number plates have no age identifier, which means they can be transferred to a vehicle of any age. Many owners use them to hide the age of their car. They're also popular because they can be used to represent shortened names like BAZ or LIL. And because there's usually lots of them around, prices stay relatively low.

The video below explains what an Irish number plate looks like, and how they are different from other number plate styles.

3 top reasons to choose an Irish number plate

  1. They're cheap!
    Starting from as little as £99 + transfer fees. Though shortened names like JEZ are a little more.
  2. They can go on a vehicle of any age
    Doesn't matter if your car is an old banger or just a few months old.
  3. There's lots of choice
    Usually lots of similar number plates, offering more choice.

Irish number plates can be distinguished from dateless number plates because they contain an I or Z (not found in mainland UK dateless number plates).

Other number plate styles: