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Dateless number plates

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What are dateless number plates?

These are registration numbers that were issued on mainland UK from 1903 (when they were first introduced) until 1963. These cherished registrations are called dateless because they don't have an age (or year) identifier. Which makes them very popular.

They are different from Irish number plates.

The video below explains what dateless number plates are, and how they are different from other UK number plate styles.

3 top reason to choose a dateless cherished registration number:

  1. They're look great
    Dateless number plates are very distinctive, and have a 'cudos' all of their own. There's nothing to indicate the year they were issued, which makes them very desirable.
  2. Can be transferred to any vehicle
    Because there's nothing that indicates the year the registration number was issued, these cherished registrations can go on a vehicle of any age. They look great on modern cars, as well as classic cars.
  3. They can be a great investment
    Generally, dateless number plates continue to be very desirable. So even the cheapest ones will more than likely hold their value. And many will increase in value over time.


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