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Selling cherished car number plates

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How to sell a cherished number plate

Selling a cherished number plate needn't be difficult. But it does take patience...whichever method you choose. Your best bet is to make sure you get the widest possible exposure to potential buyers. That means making sure it appears where buyers are looking.

There are some different options when it comes to selling a cherished car number plate. Your decision will depend on your own personal circumstances.

Selling cherished a car number plate on commission

You can sell your car number plate via a dealer. We suggest you contact a number of dealers for a quotation, before making your decision. There's not usually an upfront charge, but bear in mind that dealers will charge a commission fee on the sale of your number plate. They will manage the sale for you, including all the paperwork for the transfer of the cherished number plate.

If you choose to use a cherished number plate dealer, we suggest you choose one who lists their number plates on - or you could be missing out on lots of potential buyers.

Selling cherished car registration numbers privately

Your other main option is to sell your cherished car number plate privately, cutting out the commission fee charged by dealers. Much like selling a car, you can reasonably expect to get a slightly higher price as there's no dealer commission fee to pay. There are a few options for selling a cherished number plate privately. You can use a specialist number plate company, classified ads, or auction format.

Can I sell my cherished car number plate to a dealer?

If you're in a hurry, you may be able to sell your cherished car number plate direct to a number plate dealer. You will need to obtain quotes direct from each dealer. If you do this, you should expect to receive a much lower price. This is because the dealer is then taking the risk of selling on the cherished car number plate, which could take some time to sell.

Dealers are selective when purchasing a cherished car number plate for their own stock.

Can I sell my cherished car registration number to the DVLA?

No. The DVLA do not buy cherished car registration numbers. You will need to use one of the methods mentioned above.

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